1996— Wrenching open the lowest cabinet door, the little red haired girl reached in and grabbed the family-sized box of cornflakes. Too big for her little hand, the box bumped into the rim of the cabinet, flying out of her hand and landing flat on its side on the linoleum. “Uh oh,” she exclaimed loudly,

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Memorial Day

I know I have nothing much to add to the discussion of the meaning and observation of Memorial Day, but I would still like to salute the men and women who have fought and died in the creation and defense of our country. My ancestors served with George Washington in the War for Independence, the

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A hint of warmth in your coffee cup reminds me how recently you were here.

Melanie Kosar (Japan, 1990)

In Defense of Cold, Hard Cash – For Kids

Plastic School Cafeteria Lunch Punch Cards Where to begin? I don’t like them. Yes, they make life convenient, particularly for the cafeteria workers. And busy parents. And the children themselves, for that matter. But as with most things, I find there is a price to pay for convenience. It’s not a tax, or tip, or

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